Folktales often speak to a shared cultural identity, history and heritage. As immigrants, or as the children of immigrants, we are often unable to see ourselves in these tales: they are either from a land faraway, or they are part of a narrative in a land that excludes us. We want to create a contemporary folktale rooted in this in-between space: a folktale for immigrants.

In CARRION, Mengmeng and her mother are visited by a ghost from another land. For one night, their motel becomes the site of mediation between two homes. Mengmeng learns that her mother lives with unreconciled grief for another place and time that Mengmeng will never know or truly understand. Yet—far from pushing them apart, it is the unearthing of this distant past that brings mother and daughter together, to see and care for one another in new and unexpected ways.

CARRION brings an organic magical realism and grounded, folkloric sensibility to a contemporary story of immigration, told through the eyes of a child. We aim to mediate the fractures often found in intergenerational relationships—lost language, culture, and land. Our story centres healing, restorative hope, and women empowered to form roots of their own.

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