This past year, we have found that we’ve lacked a communal way of processing the death and loss that has haunted our world. With this story, we seek a hopeful way of navigating our confusion by looking to the scientific processes around death: the decomposition stage of the life cycle, and the ways in which our bodies feed back into the earth that fed us.

This story reframes the ghost story by connecting what happens after death with the material reality of what happens to our bodies. We want to look at the natural cycles of life and death and reframe these processes as a source of eventual solace and peace. We aim to treat the creatures associated with decomposition—usually associated with fear and disgust—as essential comrades; the decomposition process as cause for wonder and awe, and opportunity for new life.

The mysterious forces that work through our story are grounded in nature, for the earth often works in strange ways that are hidden to us. These elements will be grounded in science and reality, and elevated (literally!) with the magic of cinematic storytelling.

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