Anti-asian hate crimes have been rising over the last year, with a disproportionate number of these attacks targeting Asian women.

We aim to tell a story that centres Asian American women, empowered to find roots of their own, finding healing through mutual care. With CARRION, we seek to create a folktale that finds hope and catharsis at the end of the dark path.

As immigrants and children of immigrants, we have often been unable to see ourselves in traditional folktales that speak to a shared cultural identity, history and heritage: they are either from a land faraway, or they are part of a narrative in a land that excludes us. We want to create a contemporary folktale rooted in this in-between space: a folktale for immigrants.

In the face of a world filled with anti-immigration narratives and a rise in anti-Asian hate, we believe this story to be absolutely vital, now more than ever.


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