Mengmeng was the king of her motel kingdom —
She was as powerful as the wind itself…
Or so she thought.

Ansong, the king’s mother, built their castle herself —
As far away from her troubles as she could get...
Or so she thought.

8 year-old Mengmeng lives in a motel on the fringes of a dried up lake with her mother Ansong, the motel’s manager.

One day, Mengmeng accidentally digs up something she shouldn’t have: a rotting carcass, covered in maggots. That night, Mengmeng and her mother are visited by a mysterious man and a death-rattle wind—and something long buried is unearthed in Ansong.

CARRION is an eerie, coming-of-age immigrant folktale about a girl’s last evening with her mother as she knows her. As everything beneath the soil is unearthed, the dead are processed in more ways than one. And Mengmeng discovers that, even in the strangest and scariest of circumstances, what really matters is to be present for our loved ones — for there’s always power in small acts of care.


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